Attention all beginner makeup artists!

Calling all beginner makeup artists! To build your makeup artist kit, you don't have to drain your bank account buying lipsticks in every shade imaginable. Instead, focus on building a collection that includes a selection of nudes, reds, pinks, and plums in both matte and satin finishes. Remember, colors can always be mixed to create custom shades that suit your unique style. Plus, did you know that lipstick can double as a blush? It's true!

When it comes to lip palettes designed specifically for professional use, Carmela has got you covered. Their excellent lip palettes offer a range of versatile shades that will unleash your creativity and elevate your lip artistry. No need to feel overwhelmed and think you have to buy every shade of everything ever.


Carmela 18 Colors Lip Palette


lip palette color swatch on hands

Carmela 18 colors lip palette


Carmela 12 Colors Lip Palette


Carmela 12 colors lip palette

Many new makeup artists mistakenly believe that they need to splurge on every color from every brand and product out there. But that couldn't be further from the truth! As an artist, you have the power to mix and blend colors to achieve the exact look you desire. Embrace your artistic side, experiment with mixing different shades, and be amazed at how much you'll love the stunning results!


So, say goodbye to the notion of buying every single shade under the sun and embrace your artistic prowess. With the right lip palette and a touch of creativity, you'll have the ability to create captivating lip looks that leave a lasting impression. Remember, it's not about the quantity of shades you own, but rather how you use them to express your artistry and make a statement.

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